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Emergency Towing In Duplin County.

The average number of car accidents every year in the U.S is around 6 million. With those stats, there’s a pretty good chance you will be involved in a motor vehicle accident at least one time in your lifetime. Unfortunately, this is the reality that comes with owning a vehicle. And yes we would all like to think that we are cautious and careful but the fact is it can happen to anyone, at any time. But the good news is this, if you live or are just passing through Teachey, North Carolina, DuCo Towing and Recovery is here to help whenever you find yourself experiencing car difficulties. Our tow truck operators know how scary having an accident can be, and will help you figure out what to do next. Here at DuCo Towing and Recovery, we care about you and your safety 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Whether you swerved to miss an indecisive squirrel in the road, or ran over a metal objected that flattened your tire, DuCo Towing and Recovery can get you taken care of and back on the road. Our professional Tow Truck Operators have all the equipment needed for any mishap the roads can throw at you. From needing your car unlocked to a tow, we’ve got you covered. Give DuCo Towing and Recovery a call for all your roadside assistance needs.

Police And Emergency Towing.

The first call you should make after being involved in an accident should be to the police. Then you will need to call for a wrecker service. DuCo Towing and recovery is the one to call for all of your emergency roadside assistance needs. We are concerned for your safety and will get to you as fast as is humanly possible. Our job is to get you and your car out of whatever unpleasant situation you’ve gotten it into. So whether you’ve swerved to miss a massive log in the road, and ended up in the ditch, or Fido locked you out of your vehicle, give DuCo Towing a call. And remember, when you need emergency towing we’re just a phone call away. Let us help you get back to your life.

Here at DoCo Towing and Recovery, we are your 24 hour trusted roadside assistance solution. Do you need a jump start, a gas delivery or an unlock, you can trust we’ll arrive in a timely manner and do the job right. Do you have a flat tire? We can handle any roadside assistance need you may have. Our professional, highly skilled drivers are willing and waiting to help you with all of your towing needs.

Emergency Towing-Duplin-County-NC
Emergency Towing-Duplin-County-NC


Do you need your forklift or skid-steer towed to the repair shop or job-site? Give Duco Towing a call, we provide fast, friendly service



Our tow truck operators have towed and recovered thousands of various types of vehicles. So, we know we can help you with your car.



Our customer service is rivaled by no other tow company around. Because we believe you deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect.