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Need A Jump Start?

It’s happened to us all. You get into your car, turn your key over only to hear a click, click sound. Of course, it usually occurs when you are running late for work or getting the kids to school on time. Immediately, you try to remember if you left the lights on because why else wouldn’t it start. Then you think of all the people you know who could come and give you a battery boost. And finally, you have narrowed it down to no one, because they’re all either at work or busy with their day.

Hey, don’t fret over a car that won’t start. That’s why DuCo Towing is here. When you give us a call, we’ll arrive in a matter of minutes with commercial jumper cables. But, your car is in the garage. No problem. With our long cables, we will be able to reach your car from our tow truck. And, if the battery boost doesn’t jump start your car so that it’s running, we also provide battery replacement and towing services, when necessary.

DuCo Towing provides excellent roadside solutions to those who live in Duplin County and to those who are simply passing through. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are ready and willing to do the work for you.

Jump Start Battery Service

There are six common things that could drain your battery.

  1. Human error: This includes leaving your headlights on or interior dome light.
  2. Parasitic drain: This is when components such as radio presets or the clock continues to draw power from your vehicle’s 12 volt system, while the car is off and the ignition key is removed.
  3. Defective alternator: The alternator charges your battery, and if it fails, it will drain your battery every time you start your car, therefore requiring a jump start.
  4. Old battery: Batteries need to replaced every three to five years.
  5. Loose cables: If you have a new battery and you need a battery boost, it could be that the cables to your battery are loose due to poor installation. Check your cables by giving them a jiggle. If they move on the battery posts, then you need to tighten them.
  6. Corrosion: If you notice white, or greenish blue fuzzy material around your terminals, then you have corrosion build up that needs to be removed. You can do this by wiping the terminals with a towel or using a brush to remove the corrosion. But be careful. Brushing too hard could damage the casing causing the electrolytes to leak out. Be sure to protect your skin and eyes because battery corrosion is acid based and can burn you. 

When you call us at DuCo Towing, we will do a complete inspection of your battery. We will tighten your cables and clean your battery, if needed, before jumpstarting your vehicle. If the problem is an old battery, we can replace it with a new one.  And, if all else fails and it’s more than a battery issue, we can tow your car to your mechanic. If you don’t frequent a local repair-shop, we can recommend several reputable auto shops in town.



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