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Looking For A Tow Truck For Your Car?

If you are traveling in through Teachey, North Carolina and have problems with your car, you’re probably going to call for help. Most of the time, when calling for the services of a towing company you may be a little apprehensive. There are many companies locally here in Duplin County, North Carolina that provide car towing services. But, you must be careful when deciding who to call.

Duco Towing is located in the heart Duplin County and has the widest coverage of any other company around. We provide true 24-hour emergency towing and accident recovery. We haven’t been around the longest. But, we believe this is one of the advantages of using our service. We are affiliated with Giddeon’s Body Shop, which has been around more than 40 years. And, this relationship is one that you will find advantageous. When you work with us, we promise to provide the best possible towing and roadside service, at very affordable rates.

Want To Know How Our Tow Truck Service Works?

When it comes to towing your vehicle properly, there are only a few ways in which it should be done. To avoid damages, we insist that all of our tow truck operators be Wreckmaster Trained and certified. Wreckmaster is the leading towing training school on the planet and recognized as the authority by everyone in the industry.

To begin to explain the process, let’s take a look at the various types of towing vehicles. A tow truck can be either a flatbed car carrier, a wrecker equipped with a wheel-lift. There are also heavy duty towing machines that can tow tractor trailers and other heavy trucks. All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles require flatbed towing. They should always be towed by using a car carrier, or a wrecker tow truck equipped with a wheel-lift and the use of dollies. This is done to avoid damage to the drive-train while in tow. A two-wheel drive car can be towed behind a wrecker or on a flatbed.



Do you need your forklift or skid-steer towed to the repair shop or job-site? Give Duco Towing a call, we provide fast, friendly service



We provide wrecker tow truck service for all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive cars and trucks. Duco Towing is the one to trust.



Involved in a vehicle accident in Duplin County, Call 911 and then Duco Towing and Recovery. We’ll take care of you and your car


Towing Cars And Trucks Is Simple…And Fun.

Towing your cars and trucks is simple, and fun…once you understand how to operate a towing truck properly. First, the tow truck operator must ensure that no damage is done while loading, securing, and unloading the vehicle. He knows where to secure the chains and straps used to secure the vehicle to the bed or wheel-lift. In most instances, when using a car carrier, we use the manufacturers’ transport slots to attach the v-shaped bridle to a vehicle. Then we pull it onto the bed of our truck and secure it using industry standard methods.

When providing reliable towing with a wheel-lift wrecker, we back up to the front of the vehicle and extend our wheel lift underneath the car. Here the wheel lift comes into contact with the rubber part of the tires. From there, we scoop the front wheels of your car, touching only the rubber of the tire with our equipment. We then lift the car into the air so that only the rear wheels remain in contact with the road. After that, we secure the wheels to the wheel-lift straps, to ensure they do not come out of the scoops.

“Our family got stranded on the way home from vacation and the wrecker drivers were extremely helpful. not only did they take the car to an excellent garage but they took us to get a rental car. ”

Matthew Ivins

“Billy Jones towed our car home today at a great price and he was a really nice guy would recommend him for sure.”

Ruben Rivera

“Robie went above and beyond when my car was broken down on the side of the road. Couldn’t ask for better customer service or towing company.”

Keegan Brennan

“Called them when I was stuck on the side of the highway. Had my truck towed from Jacksonville to High Point. What a great price and service. Oh, and did I mention they came fast!!!”

Steven Wardlow

“Great service, stranded late at night. Got to me in no time and gave me a tow all the way to my house, an hour and a half away! Great friendly service!”


“… Talk about a class act and going well beyond my expectations I can’t thank them enough. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work.”

Robert Lewis

What Does Towing Service Usually Cost?

Every day there are thousands of motorists traveling in and around the Duplin County area. Some are on the way to Wilmington, some are headed for the beach. If this is you, welcome to our county. For you to have access to towing services and roadside assistance 24 hours of every day, there must be a large number of reliable towing businesses around. Unfortunately, this availability is why many motorists don’t understand how towing is priced.

A lot of resources, including manpower, capital, and equipment are required to have the ability to help. We’re available to provide fuel delivery when you run out of gas, car lockout service when you lock your keys in your car and towing services 24 hours a day.

For the most part, most towing companies determine their towing rates based on what other towing companies are charging. Once they know how much others are charging for towing, they try to get a foothold by undercutting their rates. Unfortunately, that’s why many don’t stay in business very long. What they should be doing is determining the costs of the required resources and using that as a base to decide how much to charge.

With all that being said, at Duco Towing and Recovery we believe in providing our services at very affordable rates. When you call, we’ll provide you with a fair price, guaranteed.


We Offer More Than Just Car Towing Services

At Duco Towing and Recovery, we provide a wide array of towing and towing related services to the residents of Duplin County, North Carolina. We offer, emergency towing, police towing, accident towing, vehicle collision recovery, abandoned vehicle towing, local and long-distance towing, and we can even store your vehicles on our lot.

Teachey’s Finest Towing Company

Duco Towing and Recovery understands that we’re not the only game in town. There’s a lot of competition to tow your cars and trucks. With that being said, we still believe our service is the best. Our professional operators are considerate and kind. And, they will do everything they can to help you out of whatever sticky situation you’ve gotten yourself in. So, the next time you need help in Duplin County, North Carolina, call on Duco Towing and Recovery <